Moving Around

Back to the “Drawing Board”

As a result of my recent findings through weekly reading assignments and visiting various websites that may serve as mediums for my Design Blog, I have decided to revise my initial sketch.

I have decided to use as my Blog Medium and after some sifting and search though the templates they provide, I decided to go with the iTheme Template.  I have never blogged before, let alone used this software to create anything, but with time, patience, persistence and perseverance It’s coming along quite nicely!  Through my digging and research, I learned that it is imperative to have an about me page.  I tried it first through the Widget provided by WordPress but I wasn’t really “imPressed” LOL, so I used another widget that is a link to an external website called about me.  I made it very simple, very opposite to Horror Vacui to match the overall look and feel of the blog – appreciating the value of space remembering it’s about quality not quantity of visuals!

Summary of changes

The iTheme template uses a look and feel that I am very comfortable with as I use my iPhone and iPad on a very regular basis, so it’s familiar to me, not to mention many others who enjoy Apple products.

The fixed toolbar is on the right hand side as opposed to the left as it was originally and I have selected specific widgets to appear in a certain logical order.

Top starts off with Title and sub title.  Directly underneath that is a Blog Page Menu where I have posted static information that can be viewed at any time in no particular order covering different Principles of VDDI.   Calendar dates are displayed with distinct icons recognizable to apple users.  The content of the blog itself is a continuous scroll indicating more recent post to oldest post.  Posts a.k.a. Experiential Reflections” include appropriated images that compliment the content and have a meaning/ purpose but also fit the overall look and feel of the blog.  Inspirational Quotes, Video’s and Links have also been incorporated to add dynamics to the content.  Below is an image of my revised sketch.

Blog Design - W3


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