Communicating the Visuals

Melinda’s Top Five Logo Picks

Part of the branding development process includes the important task of creating a logo that will forever play a huge part in brand recognition.  Below are some of the brand logos I selected as my top five and why.  I selected these particular logo as they are all internationally recognizable and huge icons of many generations and many more to come!


Logo's 2

Website Topic – Learning & Development Consulting Services and
                                       Resource Centre (for intranet use)

The topic of the website I chose to design is one that I personally have been thinking of creating for about 2 years now, but never really knew how to do it or even where to begin!!  The creative brief provided by the instructor helped me keep my focus on the main objective of the website – keep it clear, purposeful and meaningful.

Project Start and Design Brief (completed questionnaire summary)

The creative brief assisted me immensely as it “chunked” the key areas of focus to creating the website.  As I went though, I realized that because this is an internal website, not all the categories apply to me.  Below is a high level summary:

This website will “live” or be centralized on our existing intranet via a link under the Human Resources Department.  It will be managed by the 6 Regional Trainers from coast to coast.  The main administrator will be corporate office.  Each region will have its own section maintaining consistency on look and feel (including tabs and categories)

The overall goal of this site is to:

  •  Offer a Platform for Learning and Development Consulting  (include helpful tips on strategy, Leaning Needs assessments, information trends or additional services)
  • Increase Efficiency (one stop shop, less e-mails, info at a click of a button)
  • Ensures Consistency (latest updates on training materials and Leaning Activities Calendar)

The site will consist of existing content and will be a one stop shop for Regional Leaning and Development Calendars (ever evolving with to the minute updated directly on the website), soft copies of all learning materials categorized by topic and subcategorized by workshop name.


When doing research for this website I found myself visiting many training consulting firm website, looking at things like logo’s and website layout.

Key Information about L&D with Company:

  • Strong People Focus
  • Career Development today will assist with planned expansion in near future
  • Need for Strategic Career Planning
  • Talent retention through employee engagement

Side Notes about company:

  • Company currently renovating properties to rebranded look and feel of product
  • Marketing underwent a revamp of communications look and feel, down to color and typography
  • New CEO, new Vision for the company


Tree, Computer/Books, Brain, Pieces of the puzzle coming together, People in Collaboration, Gears

Drawings (see sketch below)

Incorporated existing Brand logo for brand recognition, but created an identity for Learning and Development identity. Chose to follow the company standard and use Brandon Grotesque which matches the look and feel of logo quote nicely.

Logo Design

Computer Developing (Will not be completed at this stage)


Choosing the right typography (to match look and feel of logo)

Brandon Grotesque


Corporate Identity for Website (see sketch below)

Following the Learning and Development Logo Theme to match overall look and feel of website.

Website Design


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