A Visual Interpretation

My Visual Interpretation of Valentine’s Day


When I think of Valentine’s Day I think of meaningful relationships between two people; a union that embodies the mind, body and spirit.   Similarly I practice yoga, which in essence means UNION of mind body and spirit.

When asked to think of a website that contained images that represent Valentine’s Day to me, I selected a simple yet elegant “Contact Yoga” website.   Contact yoga is a form of partner yoga that focuses on the true meaning of yoga, UNION.  My husband and I experienced contact yoga for the first time this past Valentine’s day at our local yoga studio and we both enjoyed it.  This is now a great opportunity for me to tell you why I chose this website, particularly how the images represent Valentine’s Day to me.

Below is the link, followed by a screen shot of the home screen, to the website I had selected for this assignment:


Yoga 2

I chose this website not only for its simplistic design, but also for their choice of soothing colors and crisp images. Contact yoga is all about trusting your partner and letting go of any fears or inhibitions during your practice which in turn may improve or impact how you deal with these emotions in everyday life.  The image at the top of this home page is a great example of how this couples trusting relationship enables them to fulfill this beautiful pose called “Airplane”.  Same with the image below, where the image is of an inverted yogi, suspended in the air, with the support of her partners feet on her torso and hands on her shoulders.  If I were to link this back to Valentine’s Day and it’s relevance is that Valentine’s day is about love and you can’t have love without trust.  Many people celebrate romantic relationships on Valentine’s Day and there is something very romantic about the beach setting of this image, the fluffy sand, clear waters and blue sky.

This next image is a screenshot of a video that describes contact yoga (also located on the home page of this website) and it links back to relationships, which again goes back to what Valentine’s Day means to me.  Please click on the link below to view clip:



This screen shot depicts a couple of yogis practicing in a peaceful, outdoor garden setting.   The environment in which this video was taken depicts calm mind, fit body and open spirit – all contributors to a healthy and trusting relationship.  The wooden bench in the background is also reminiscent of romance.

This last image is also featured on the home page of this website.  When I see this image, I see joy, freedom, inner peace and gratitude.  Once again in a beautiful beach setting this image combines elements of nature, simplicity and contentment.  On Valentine’s Day we appreciate and show gratitude for the ones we love, for all that they have done to give us joy, inner peace.  Directly below this image is a link to take us to their facebook account which is as consistent in look and feel as their website.



Blog Design Sketch

As part of this first weeks’ assignment, we have been asked to create a design sketch of our blog. Please see below my very first sketch, the initial ideas and concepts.  The birth of my Blog!!

Blog Design - W1


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