Face-ism Ratio

Face-ism Ratio
This image appealed to me as most of my lessons involve people and interactions. I use many images of people interacting with one another as well as video’s using our team members.  Image perception is important in the visual design of my E-Lessons  especially as it related to certain topics.  In this section I learned that the higher the Face-ism ratio (close to the face itself) more focus and attention is on the person’s intellectual and personality attributes, where as the lower the Face-ism ratio, more focus and attention is on the physical and sensual attributes of the individual.

To calculate the Face-ism ration:

  1. take the head height (top of head to bottom of chin) and divide by
  2. the total visible height (the top of head to lowest visible part of body)
  • Image without face = 0 Fascism Ratio (lowest) Used for Ornamental interpretations/ association
  • Image with only a face = 1 Face-ism Ration (highest) Used for thoughtful interpretations/ associations

The closer the score is to 1, the more likely the perception will be that the image represents a more dominant, intelligent and ambitious individual and vise versa.


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