Classic Conditioning

Classical Conditioning
This image was one of the very first images that jumped out at me when going through the VDDI book.  It sends a powerful and emotional message about the severity and consequences of drunk driving.  It depicts a young  victim, who survived a horrible accident caused by impaired driving and now has to live with the consequence of an severely altered appearance for the rest of her life. This poster compares the before and after image associates the strong negative emotional reaction evoked by the injuries and the behavior that caused it.

Classical Conditioning is a technique used to associate reactions resulting from an unconscious physical or emotional response. This technique is commonly used in dog training.  Having a dog myself, it’s very clear to me that my dog performs tricks knowing that a reward (a doggy treat) will be given in return.  The sound of a key in the door, creates excitement knowing that his mommy and daddy have arrived home.

Classical conditioning will be used in my E-lesson design to evoke positive emotional feelings as being elicited by our guests as a result of our reactions or thoughtful behaviors.


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