Nature or Nurture?

Nature or Nurture? – The Biophilia Effect and Savanna Preference
It’s no wonder why these two principles of design are apparent in our existing era; although we have evolved as a species, our desire to be surrounded in environments that are rich in nature views and open spaces are deeply rooted in our brains since the beginning of time.

The Biophilia Effect is most effective when used to design in environments of learning, healing and concentration using imagery that resembles natural environments like greenery or outdoor nature views.

The Savanna Preference focuses on design that uses lots of lush open spaces like scattered tress, water, uniform grassiness as opposed to desserts, dense jungles or complex mountains with obstructed views.  Going back to our ancestors and the need for survival, the preference was open spaces with more visibility and less obstruction especially when keeping an eye out for predators.  One other distinct difference with the Savanna preference is that its strongest with children and then eventually grows weaker with age as influences change.


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