VDDI Hierarchy of Needs

The same way a human survives by fulfilling their most basic need to survive Food, Water, Shelter ect. through the “Physiological Needs”, a strong visual design must meet the most basic need of “Functionality” before it can even consider satisfying the higher level needs. Here’s the chronological breakdown of the VDDI Hierarchy of needs starting with the “low level” needs:

Functionality – Does it work?

Reliability – Does it work consistently and of acceptable quality?

Usability – Is it easy for all users (regardless of physical abilities/ accessibility including perceptibility, operability, simplicity and forgiveness W3C guidelines)?

Proficiency – Does it achieve the outcome of doing things better than they could previously?

Creativity – Does user interact with design in innovative ways?

I feel this comparison visually displays the correlation of human needs and visual design needs but in VDDI terms; as if it were translated into a different language.


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