Color me happy

Color can have a significant impact on the overall design used not just for aesthetic purposes but also to attract attention, group elements and indicate meaning.

Symbolism – After visiting several sites depicting ancient pictographs, it became more evident that colors can have several meanings depending on cultures.

Number of colors– To simplify images, best to stay within a 5 color maximum.  When picking color combinations stick to the color wheel combinations such as:

  • Analogous – combination of adjacent opposing colors
  • Complimentary – combination of opposing colors
  • Quadratic or Triadic  – combination of symmetric colors indicated by a square or triangle

Saturation  – +/- Gray where Darker colors are more serious or professional and lighter colors get more exciting and dynamic

The Red Effect – For women, wearing the color red is perceived as more attractive and for men, red signifies dominance.  Although sensitive to context, and usually used in advertising and product design the Red Effect general is related to female sexuality (clothes accentuating red lips or cheeks ) and male dominance (sports car or wearing a red tie)


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