Infographics and Typography

The effective uses of infographics and typography

Focus on patterns, colors and shapes, our sense of sight is very sensitive to these factors.  Visualizing information through infographics happens so quickly and it can make or break the success of the transfer of knowledge and understanding.

This will be beneficial in cases where the e-lessons I will be creating target a broad audience with varying degrees of technical knowledge, different learning styles and in situations where English is a second language. It will assist learners to“see what others think”.

The idea of knowledge compression through infographics excites me in a way that I can keep my e-lessons interesting and reduce the length of the lesson itself without sacrificing content

Design is about solving problems and creating elegant solutions

Even though the information may not be beautiful, the visual design of it can be when following the design principles

Making information beautiful can assist in the ease of understanding and makes learning fun

After viewing this video, it inspired me to learn more about how I can create visually appealing infographics and typography.  After navigating through the web, these two video’s helped me get started and have been included in my Design Blog:

How to create infografics :


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