Once upon a time, long long ago…

Yes, today’s blog is about Storytelling
As an expansion to the sixth variable indicated in the Stickiness principle, the Storytelling principle is one that resonated strongly with me as I am part of an organization that promotes a strong storytelling culture.  Working in the hospitality industry, you know that it is about making those emotional connections with our guests’, it’s about being less transactional more interactional.  We are a team that celebrates successes and share stories about how we create positive memories for our guests and when we do this, we motivate and inspire each other to empower ourselves to initiate hospitality and put our own spin on creating memorable experiences for our guests.  Part of my goal this year is putting together e-lessons for a broad range of colleagues from Front Desk to Housekeeping to Kitchen – it is my mission to ensure I deliver elements of storytelling in E-lessons with the intent of sparking an emotional response in a colleague to live and breathe our strong experience culture. I intend to incorporate understanding through Audio (oral) Visual (video) Text (on screen info) and Digital (by incorporating elements of FLASH design wherever appropriate and current/ relevant forms of social media or youtube clips.  Here’s my interpretation of the six fundamental elements to effective storytelling:

  • Setting – Time and Place through video clips
  • Characters – Will be our own colleagues acting out scenes
  • Plot – Company Standards linking back to our Vision, Mission and Core Values
  • Invisibility – MY FAVORITE!! I want learners to be so engrossed in the e-lesson that they forget the medium (the computer) which for some learners may be a challenge or have initial fear/ anxiety/ reluctance.
  • Mood – Will use background music on title screen and create an overall mood of being Welcoming, Engaging and Empowered through interactive games, quizzes and videos.
  • Movement – Will have a consistent flow designed for learners to go at their own pace and not exceed and average completion time of 25 minutes.

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