Keep at it till it “sticks”

Refers to the ability to recall ideas or expressions that “stick” in our memories like catchy slogans or ads. This applies to anything that can be seen, heard or touched and has six variables:

1)      Simplicity – I like to describe as something that is “short and sweet”

2)      Surprise – attention grabber, a shocking fact, image or sound that resonates with you

3)      Concreteness – a specific ideas/ concept described in “lemans terms”

4)      Credibility – coming from a trusted source

5)      Emotion – concept or idea makes resonates with you and elicits a feeling

6)      Story – expressed in a context of a story

Next time, when I think back to Millers Rule of “The magical number seven, plus or minus two” I will be sure to incorporate the Stickiness in the design of my e-lessons.



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