“Easy” does it!

Usability= Ease of Use

Here’s how I applied the five quality components of usability to my Blog, once again, taking into account my audience:

  1. Learn ability – knowing that my instructor is a fan of Apple products, I had selected a design that uses the general look and feel of an apple web page therefore making first time navigation a breeze.
  2. Efficiency – with familiarity come speed and accuracy which translates to efficiency.  The design of my blog achieves this rather quickly as it is a user friendly and quickly recognizable template.
  3. Memorability – very high chance as many users have apple products or navigated through similar websites, allowing blog viewer to return with ease.  Like riding a bicycle!
  4. Error – Low probability of errors as this blog takes a very linear approach, a fixed side bar and the option to “go back” at any time.
  5. Satisfaction – Visually appealing with good quality graphics, catchy titles using metaphors, inspirational quotes and great use of color and color contrast.

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