Know your audience

Knowing your audience is key!  Before designing any of my e-lessons (or this blog for that matter) I’ll be sure to understand who is my audience in terms of:

  1. Technical abilities – Web Surfers, Novice/  Occasional Users, Expert/ Frequent Users,
  2. Information Seeking Mode – Sherlock(Investigative, self directed and knows what they are looking for) or Tarzan (Serendipitous, not directed, happens to find things)
  3. Learning Styles – VAK _ Visual, Audio or Kinesthetic/ Tactile

As my blog is a journal of my experiential reflections throughout the course, people who will be viewing my blog will be Visual Design enthusiasts, looking to join in on my learning journey, comment or add thoughts.  Therefore this is why it’s important to determine what information seeking modes they may prefer.  In this case, as my instructor will be reviewing and marking my blog, so I would best describe user to be Investigative (Sherlock) self directed, well informed on topic and knows what to look for and therefore it is designed for the Expert and Frequent User – wants info fast, quick searches, high accuracy scan able text and use of sub menus.
At the end of the day, the design of a website is not about the bells and whistles, its about:  Effective Communication, Meaning,

  • Reason!

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