Space is as infinite as we can imagine…..

….so, I will stretch those four corners of the envelope and unleash my creativity as I embark in my learning journey called – Visual Design and Display of Information!

Hello, and welcome to my first blog (and first time using WordPress), where I have the honor and pleasure to take you through my personal experiences, analysis, perceptions and learning about the Universal Principles of Design.

As I develop my blog through daily and weekly reflections,  form and function will be kept top of mind; resisting the urge of creative impulses and acting solely on informed design decisions.

A few navigation tips:

  • Top Menu Bar takes you through my completed assignments through out the course
  • The images located directly below the Menu Bar are my “sticky posts” with “featured sticky images” (these are several highlights of the design principals I’ve learned)
  • This first post is a sticky post with no “featured sticky image”, (Does not appear in the top bar, but appears as the first view-able post) because I wanted to give you a warm welcome and tell you what this site is about using an image that is related to the overall visual theme of this blog
  • The side bar to the right displays several options for displaying certain types of information (i.e. by “Weekly Reflections”; posts that have been categorized by weekly topic, “Recent Posts”, and “Archives” as well as some other widgets I have been playing around with.

Phew, how was that for my first three seconds to capture your attention?  Did I make a good first impression?
Well, if you’re still reading – we’ve got BLAST OFF into into my very own personal piece of cyber SPACE!!  To infinity and beyond!!


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