See what others think

What is Visual Design and Display of information?  To me – EVERYTHING!!  Being a visual learner myself, the images, layout, typography, color and style  is critical in the overall effectiveness of getting the message across.

I like to see what others think! Engage my senses; bring words,  images and shapes together to enhance communication.  The more multi- sensory the learning experience (Especially visually for me), the more memorable it becomes!

It starts with a vision and a solid plan. Vision is the overall goals and objectives set out by designer whether its educational or commercial.  It’s the overall message that will be conveyed.  Have solid content and filtered information eliminating the “nice to knows” and including only the “need to knows”. Planning involves identifying the Purpose – what type of site is it? (Educational, Business, Institutional, Personal ect)  Identifying your audience and designing keeping in mind the lowest common denominator As Aristotle said “The audience is everything”. Context – what is the big picture; seeing the forest through the trees.  Considering things like brand imaging to ensure cohesive identity with to company look and feel when designing.  Statement of Purpose is then created by combining all the above to ensure a clear and concise explanation out outcome.

Great companies have a solid Vision and Mission (ie plan) Great websites are no different so lets get started!!


Space is as infinite as we can imagine…..

….so, I will stretch those four corners of the envelope and unleash my creativity as I embark in my learning journey called – Visual Design and Display of Information!

Hello, and welcome to my first blog (and first time using WordPress), where I have the honor and pleasure to take you through my personal experiences, analysis, perceptions and learning about the Universal Principles of Design.

As I develop my blog through daily and weekly reflections,  form and function will be kept top of mind; resisting the urge of creative impulses and acting solely on informed design decisions.

A few navigation tips:

  • Top Menu Bar takes you through my completed assignments through out the course
  • The images located directly below the Menu Bar are my “sticky posts” with “featured sticky images” (these are several highlights of the design principals I’ve learned)
  • This first post is a sticky post with no “featured sticky image”, (Does not appear in the top bar, but appears as the first view-able post) because I wanted to give you a warm welcome and tell you what this site is about using an image that is related to the overall visual theme of this blog
  • The side bar to the right displays several options for displaying certain types of information (i.e. by “Weekly Reflections”; posts that have been categorized by weekly topic, “Recent Posts”, and “Archives” as well as some other widgets I have been playing around with.

Phew, how was that for my first three seconds to capture your attention?  Did I make a good first impression?
Well, if you’re still reading – we’ve got BLAST OFF into into my very own personal piece of cyber SPACE!!  To infinity and beyond!!